Where we are:

Villa Althea

Località Luigi n.18

12056 - Mango CN


Driving directions

From Autostrada Asti – Cuneo drive till CASTAGNITO. From here continue to NEIVE. Once in Neive follows signs for Mango village

From Autostrada Torino - Savona:drive till MARENE exit. From here follows Cherasco and Pollenzo. Once in Pollenzo follows for Alba (or via Pollenzo - Roddi or via Santa Vittoria D'Alba). Once on the ring road of Alba follows signs for ASTI HIGHWAY – BARBARESCO and drive till NEIVE /BARBARESCO exit . Once here follows for Neive and from Neive to Mango.

From Neive to Mango are 4 km : pay attention that the villa is located before the village of Mango. After 3 km from Neive you start seeing the villa on your right : it has yellow color and flowers pink color. Your turn at the blu sign "LOC. LUIGI "you find along the road on your right and placed exactly in the way in which you must turn.


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